In partnership with ‘Saleah Alvira Henry’ (Windrush performer Anika Wilson of Kora Ltd), CACFO UK is providing weekly reminiscing sessions centred on her Memory Table. Our aim is to use objects selected for the table:

  • to spark conversations among Windrushers, their descendants and other online participants about memories from back-in-the-day; and
  • to encourage socialisation during lockdown via an online platform. 

The sessions start at 2pm every Tuesday and run for one hour. Just click the button at the bottom of this page between 1.45pm – 2pm to enter the online waiting room.

Participants are encouraged to bring their favourite ornaments, photographs and stories to share during the sessions and about their memories behind each object. We invite family, friends and neighbours to help Elders and others to get involved.

Our first memory session got the project off to a flying start on 11 August 2020 and was about TV back-in-the-day. It was hilarious. Watch the video below to judge for yourself. Note the surprise twist at the end when reggae superstar Paulette Tajah appeared in the chat room to lend support and join in the laughter.

Memory Table: Session 1 on TV-back-in-the-day

The sessions are free of charge. Participants can make a donation to help cover costs should they wish but there is no obligation.

Press the button below between 1.45pm-2pm on any Tuesday to reminisce with others

Memory Table: Session 2 on Enamel back-in-the day
Memory Table: Session 3 on ‘Saleah Alivira Henry’ coming to England

Memory Table Session 4: Games We Used To Play