Headteacher Mrs Oliver

We want our pupils and staff to remain safe during the pandemic and continue to monitor developments including risk and best practice on risk management and control measures.

The following new arrangements apply from the start of Summer Term on 20 April 2020 until further notice, given the Government’s evolving advice on lockdown.

Core Curriculum

•      Students have been provided ‘Doddlelearn’ to access learning material, complete and return work and have it marked by the subject teacher. This online method of teaching covers: English, mathematics, science and computer science.

Behaviour Service

•      Work on behavioural issues is been provided through the ‘Interactive Conduct File’, an online behavioural programme which allows students to practice role play in different scenarios to improve behavioural skills.  Completed work is marked by the programme and certificates are generated to show levels of attainment.  The work is monitored by the Head of our Behavioural Team and followed up as necessary with the home.


•      The Designated Safeguarding Lead and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead continue to play their important role for pupils by accessing key safeguarding information remotely, answering queries, making referrals to the single point of contact, social services, police, etc. as normal.

My son was brought to CACFO Education Centre for persistent disruptive behaviour. CACFO was excellent in identifying the issues that my son was having with school and within a learning setting and was able to construct different ways of getting him to concentrate. I think … that was vital to him moving on successfully from here back to mainstream school.

Mrs Shabnum Rashid