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CACFO UK’s Our Adult Day Centre is open 10am-4pm each weekday to help tackle social isolation in Croydon’s diverse communities – which is a growing scourge on modern society that we must all work together to prevent.

Our Centre is well attended with up to 40 elders coming along each day.  The average age of our clients is 81 years old.  Our current oldest is in her mid 90s!  All need tender loving care to help them live fulfilled lives in the golden years. CACFO UK has that in abundance.

We provide a door-to-door transport service using a minibus specially adapted to meet the needs of the elderly.  Without it most of our clients would not be able to get to and from their homes and the Centre.


Our Centre’s five-fold programme for our elders is both comprehensive as it is effective. Our nutritious meals, cooked freshly on site, are often the only hot meal our clients eat each day.

Our twice weekly physical exercise sessions, provided by seated exercise and yoga experts, are a key part of our focus on the health and wellbeing of our elderly clients. So too is our work on mental stimulation, using arts and crafts and other media, which is essential given the level of Alzheimer’s and dementia occurring among elders.

Having fun must never be forgotten!  Elders love it! We provide it in the form of in-house recreational activities such as bingo.  Also via day trips out to a range of places including, cinemas, local parks, tea-dances and the seaside. The day trips are particularly popular and well attended by carers too. We also provide elders with advice and sign posting to essential social and other services.

If you wish to become a member or wish to sign up a member of your family or someone who you care for please complete the attached form [add link]  and email it to info@cacfo.org.uk.


If you have any questions or wish to vist the Centre please call 020 8127 4550.